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Hey all!

So I have been mulling over some ideas for a setting and have decided a good way to flesh it out would be with some good ol' fashioned roleplay! I'm essentially looking for someone willing to create a character I can bounce ideas off of and pick apart the world with questions and ideas I haven't thought of. Sound fun? Alright then!

The Setting

A Modern Fantasy where supernatural beings exist among the regular human populace. The myths and legends that span history are all true, at least to some extent. Magic is a rare and sought after gift and things most definitely go bump-in-the-night. Mortal Man still outnumber these beings 100-1 and so to avoid disastrous events, hiding their presence is of utmost importance. In the Information Age, the task is seemingly impossible. Cameras are everywhere, internet rumours spread like wildfire and some beings are far from cautious.

Thus The Agency has secured a foothold as a leading power. An umbrella term for multiple groups, organisations and guilds spanning the globe and staffed by the very beings that seek to hide their existence. Agents are everywhere hiding in plain sight. Local Police forces, Hospitals, Hotels, even Government officials are not what they seem. Working tirelessly to investigate and cover up the misdeeds and fatal accidents their fellow Mythics cause.

The Role

This is where you come in! Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to play a character newly introduced to this hidden world. Perhaps a newly sired Vampire or freshly bitten Werewolf? Perhaps strange powers or abilities have manifested themselves on your most recent birthday? I'll leave the specifics in your control so long as your character approaches the world having been completely ignorant just a few weeks prior.

Things To Consider

Becoming an Agent is a kind of civil service. Many are forced into the position to atone for some crime or misdeed. Others volunteer as a way to find their place in this new world, and reap the benefits the position holds. But the dangers are even greater. Fist fights with Trolls and caging rabid Werewolves are a common occurrence. So why are you here?

If you've read this far, thank you! If anyone is interested or has any questions or would like me to elaborate on my ideas don't hesitate to ask! This idea started as a shower thought and is still very much a work in progress, but I'm hugely excited to develop it and hear peoples thoughts.
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