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A roleplay based off the movie not the novel - Under Construction

Hey everyone! It's me Parzival and I'm back in the Oasis. You know, the Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation or MMOSG (massively multiplayer online simulation game) created by James Halliday and Ogden Morrow, formerly known as Gregarious Games? Yea, that one! Well this time, I am the one in charge! Previously, making it through to complete the three challenged set by James Halliday himself. Collecting the three keys, the first ringed in red metal , the second in green stone, and the third in the clearest of crystals and couldn't be unlocked alone. Once I solved the clues and challenges, control of the entire Oasis shifted to me and things changed quickly. The first being that I finally decided to get in a clan with my closest friends, Daito, Shoto, and I finally kissed Samantha!

In no way was I going to follow in Halliday's shoes and chicken out, no offense to him.

The second thing we changed was adding two days off a week from the oasis, because like Halliday said. There really is nothing like the real world, and spending too much time in a fantasy world is never going to make it real, no matter how amazing it is and how much you wish it.

If you are still wondering what these challenges were, I'll try to tell you, but maybe you won't understand. The first one wasn't the easiest for me to figure out. It took me a long time myself to ponder what Halliday was trying to say. I went back to his recordings over and over until it clicked. It was when I heard Halliday talking to Ogden Morrow about going backwards, very fast that I had an idea. The first challenge was a race and everyone tried going forward, but no one ever tried to go backwards. So the moment I did, I slipped into a hidden pathway that lead me straight to the first key. It couldn't be any easier than that, but also any more complicated.

With the clue from the first key, I only became more confused at first, but with the help of Artemis, we soon completed the second challenge. In order to get the key we ended up going into a virtual version of 'The Shining' due to the clue: 'a creator that hates his creation' and 'a leap of faith'.

Halliday's 11th's favorite horror movie was 'The Shining' and it seemed that he had watched that movie with Karen Underwood(Kira was only mentioned once in the archives). Following the reference we all went into 'The Shining', and immediately Aech is pulled off into the spookiness because apparently he hasn't seen the movie.
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